Popular Holiday Destinations for Miners

You work hard for your money. 10 to 12 hour shifts, sometimes more. Weeks at a time with no break. It’s great making decent coin but not if you never get the chance to spend it. Having worked in the construction/mining industry for so long I’ve been around a lot of mates and heard a lot of stories about the places they jet set off to on their time off. So if you haven’t been blowing all of your earnings at the local pub or throwing it at the lovely (or not so lovely) ladies who get around the mining towns, then you might want to hear about some of the exotic destinations that Australian guys love to visit. Here is a shortlist of some of the places I hear about most often.


CroatiaIt might take a few weeks of savings to get you over to Europe, but from what I know about this place it’s definitely worth it. You’ve all see photos of the Adriatic Sea’s stunning blue waters but it really is much more amazing in person. I was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful cities of Split and Dubrovnik with my wife in 2006, as part of a tour of Eastern Europe but the few days we spent in the country were definitely not long enough. We found the people there to be super friendly and the price of food and other items was quite good as long as you stayed away from all the regular tourist traps. Most people there have a decent grasp of English as well so it’s easy to communicate with the locals.

That said, the tales from my trip fail to compare to some of the stories I heard from some of my younger mining buddies who regularly visit Croatia for their annual sailing trip. A large group of mates of mine from up near Roma all visit the beautiful blue waters of Croatia once every (northern hemisphere) summer on one of their two weeks off. The stories I’ve heard about this yacht party, island hopping experience make me wish I was young and single again. Two weeks might not sound like a long time to fly over to Europe for but they love it. They go on a sailing tour which sounds like a version of schoolies for older people, and from the videos I saw it definitely looks like the perfect venue for hedonism and debauchery.

They call this party Yacht Week, and it’s run by a company called Sailing Croatia. A massive fleet of yachts all sail off together for a week, sometimes with up to 120 boats together, and visit many of the various islands in the Adriatic during the day and party every night. To get a better idea of what it’s like take a look at this video made by one of the girls who was on a sailed on the same yacht as some of my mates this year. It’s posted up on Sailing Croatia’s YouTube Channel to give a glimpse what Yacht Week Croatia in 2015 is going to be like!

That video pretty much says it all. If you and your mates love the water, partying, and like-minded women from all around the world, jumping on a yacht and sailing around the islands of Croatia for a week might be just what you need. From the stories I’ve heard about Yacht Week I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be one of the best weeks of your life. I came across this review of Yacht Week a while back, it gives a pretty thorough idea about the debauchery you can expect there.

There is also a Yacht Week party during the famous Ultra Music Festival in Split, Croatia where you can do some island hopping and partying before, during, or after the festival. There is even an option to stay on the yachts while you party during the week at the festival! If you’re the type who loves partying it up at music festivals check out Sail to Ultra for more information.


We’ve all got mining mates who regularly go to Bali. Not just because it’s great to experience a different culture, but also the food is cheap (and delicious), you get treated like royalty there, and of course, the women. A bit closer to home than Croatia, Bali is a favourite for Aussie travelers because of it’s cheap and not too far from our sunny shores. Unlike the assortment of girls you’ll meet in on Yacht Week however, the women in Bali will almost exclusively by either local or Australian. Prices for food and consumer goods are noticeably cheaper here than Australia (but let’s be honest, where aren’t they?) especially if you get away from the tourist strips and visit the more local areas.

There are a hosts of accommodation options all around the island, and plenty of activities to keep you busy while you enjoy your well deserved break away from reality. I have been lucky enough to have visited Bali numerous times of my weeks off from working as an engineer in some of the mines, and I’ve always had a great time there. The Kuta strip is where the action is at if you want to party hard and do some mingling, but if you’re there with your significant other, or some lucky lady you’ve met on your trip there are plenty of other activities to do there for couples too.

Bali Island Hot SpringsOne of my favourite things to do in Bali apart from partying it up with mates in Kuta is hiring a motorbike and exploring the island. There are so many things to see over there and it’s great fun to discover them on your own. The Balinese don’t seem to care about road rules or licensing so anyone can hire a scooter or motorbike and go on an island adventure. This is even more fun if you’re with a large group of mates. Some of my favourite places to visit are the Pakerisan Valley which is home to a heap of temples and monuments from way back in the 8th century, the Bedugal Waterfalls in the northern part of the island, and the hot springs near the village of Banjar.